The President of the Afar national regional state and top leaders of Samara University discussed current development issues of the region.

Semera University, November, 2022  

His Excellency Haj Awal Arba, head of the government of Afar region, and Muhammad Usman (Ph.D.) president of Samara University discussed on how the ‘Lemat program’ will be implemented and the current development activities of the region.

Their discussion aims to select potential areas in the region that can be developed easily and embrace the Lemat project jointly to improve the lives of the community.

According to President Haj Awal, establishing villages of excellence in the identified areas that are suitable for developmental activities is important, especially vegetable and fruit villages, meat and milk villages, fish villages, chicken and egg villages, and making them suitable for research and marketing.

The president of Samara University, Muhammad Usman (Ph.D.) said that the university will coordinate its resources, knowledge and technology more than ever to participate in this important community life-improving project.

Senior leaders of Samara University higher officials of the region and experts from the offices of agriculture participated in the discussion held at the regional palace.

It is noted that Lemat Project is a development program set by the PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed, which aims to ensure the community’s self-sufficiency in food.


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