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             About the Department

Department of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management is the youngest department under the college of Dry Land Agriculture which was launched in 2013/14 academic year for undergraduate degree program. The department has adopted the harmonized curriculum as of 2021. Currently, the department of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management is running undergraduate programs in the regular. The program is regularly reviewed to incorporate emerging scientific and technological issues, particularly, in the agricultural production and business management via producing competent graduates and conducting problem solving researches and delivering demand driven community services with particular emphasis in the areas of agricultural marketing and value chain analysis.

                 Department Facilities

The Department of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management offers courses in comfortable classrooms that it shares with other departments of the College of Dry land Agriculture. Furthermore, the Department will establish well-equipped computer laboratory for practical courses such as Statistical, Econometrics software, and Computer Applications in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management.

              Department Administration

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years. Currently, Mr. Adugnaw Anteneh is serving as Head of the Department.  

           Contact Address

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  • Mobile: +251-932-445-931
  • P.O. Box: 132, Samara, Ethiopia