About the Department

Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic Department started to offer the course since the establishment of Samara University in 2000E.C. Initially the department was offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Educational degree in Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic. The Department has revised its curriculum as of 2009 and has been offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic. The revision aimed at inculcating the changes and improvements that are happening in the discipline.

Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic graduates work in both the teaching and non- teaching professions and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of the country.


Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic department is dedicated to providing quality education in various fields of Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic, which incorporate physical & human issues, conducting problem-solving research and community service, and thereby producing qualified competent, and ethical graduates to foster the development of the nation.


To be one of the leading departments with enormous fields of Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic in pastoral and agro-pastoral community of East Africa by 2035.

Department Facilities

Ethiopian Languages & Literature – Amharic Department offers courses in comfortable classrooms that it shares with other departments of the College of Social Science and Humanities.

Department Administration

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years. Currently, Mr. Tesfaye Tegegne is serving as Head of the Department.

Contact Address

Email: adomarzebib@gmail.com

Mobile: +251-912043538

P.O. Box: 132, Semera, Ethiopia

Bachelor Programs

Program Objectives


As a Language & Literature trainer program, the Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature – Amharic program has the following objectives:

  • Train writers and critics, public relation officers, editors and translators;
  • Train researchers in the field of literature and human concerns;
  • Organize and offer short-term training and workshops;
  • Offer short-term training on language skills development and literature report writing, literature principles, translation and related issues.
  • Organize workshops on languages study (Linguistics), and Literature (editing, literary criticism etc.).
  • Offer language related services related to: Translation service, Editing service, Preparation and evaluation of language curriculum.
  • Conduct Research on the various languages and literatures of Ethiopia with references to the problems of organization and institutions, thereby giving consultant service and to participate at regional and national forums

Graduate Profiles

On successful completion of the program and/or module(s) students should be able to acquire the following list of competencies as they work their way through the modules:

  • analyse reading texts for its structure and contents;
  • read text to assess how writers achieve their purposes with their intended audiences
  • demonstrate ability to analyse and write for various rhetorical situations
  • develop efficient and effective techniques for generating, organizing, drafting, and editing written texts
  • develop oral communicative skills
  • specify a purpose, audience, and format for a given writing and speaking tasks
  • evaluate and edit self and others’ writing
  • develop interpersonal communication skills
  • develop a persuasive argument and support it with evidence and effective appeals that target (their) intended audience
  • write an essay using multiple sources and appropriate techniques and styles
  • write an essay with a thesis, supporting argument, introduction, and conclusion
  • undertake translation activities
  • demonstrate ability to translate texts from Amharic to English and vice versa
  • understand basic linguistic principles to undertake language study;
  • analyse reading texts and literary works for its structure and characteristic stylistic features;
  • demonstrate ability to critically analyze and interpret literary works;
  • master the conventions and techniques of literary criticism;
  • understand and appreciate literary works;
  • understand how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research
  • collect, evaluate and interpret valid and reliable research data,
  • Understand multilingual and multicultural issues in multilingual and multicultural countries understand basic features of Ethiopian languages.

Admission Eligibility

Candidates who are eligible for the program are:

  • Those who have successfully completed the preparatory program(in both Social & Natural Sciences) with a passing mark in Higher Education Entrance Examination, or
  • Those who will meet the requirements of Ministry of Education for higher

Graduation Requirements

Students will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all courses in Major, common and supportive areas. Besides, no “F” should be scored in any of the courses taken and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation.

Degree Nomenclature

The undergraduate Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature – Amharic program leads to a certification referred in English and Amharic respectively as:-

Bachelor of Arts in Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature

Course Breakup- Bachelor Program


Year I Semester I
S.No Course code Course Name Cr.Hr ECTS
1 FLEn 1011 Communicative English Language Skills I 3 5
2 Econ 1011 Economics 3 5
3 PsYc 1011 General Psychology 3 5
4 Math 1011 Mathematics for Social Sciences 3 5
5 LoCT 1011 Critical Thinking 3 5
6 SpSc 1011 Physical Fitness P/F
7 GeES 1011 Geography of Ethiopia and the Horn 3 5
Total 18 30
Semester II
1 FLEn 1012 Communicative English Language Skills II 3 5
2 Anth 1012 Social Anthropology 2 4
3 MGMT 1012 Entrepreneurship 3 5
4 SNIE 1012 Inclusiveness 2 4
5 EmTe 1012 Introduction to Emerging Technologies 3 5
6 MCiE 1012 Moral and Civic Education 2 4
7 GlTr 1012 Geography of Ethiopia and the Horn 2 4
Total 17 31





Year II Semester I
S.No Course code Course Name Cr.Hr ECTS
1 ELAm 2011 Amharic Reading skills 3 5
2 ELAm 2013 Amharic Oral Communicative Skills 3 5
3 ELAm 2015 Amharic Basic Writing 3 5
4 ELAm 2031 Fundamentals of Literature 3 5
5 ELAm 2021 Introduction to Language and Linguistics 3 5
6 ELAm 2041 Introduction to Media and Information Literacy 3 5
Total 18 30
Semester II    
1 ELAm 2048 Introduction to folklore 3 5
2 ELAm2016 Amharic advanced composition 3 5
3 ELAm2022 General Linguistics 3 5
4 ELAm 2024 Issues in Multilingual and Multicultural Society 3 5
5 ELAm 2046 Basic Geez 3 5
6 ELAm 2032 Literary Readings and Human Concerns 3 5
Total 18 30





Year III Semester I
S.No Course code Course Name Cr.Hr ECTS
1 ELAm3011 Technical Writing 3 5
2 ELAm3033 Amharic Novel 3 5
3 ELAm 3025 Amharic Phonology and Morphology 3 5
4 ELAm 3031 Introduction to Drama 3 5
5 ELAm 3035 Amharic Oral Literature 3 5
6 ELAm 3023 Language and Society 3 5
Total 18 30
Semester II
1 ELAm3042 Introduction Public Relations 3 5
2 ELAm3028 Amharic syntax 3 5
3 ELAm3034 Amharic Poetry 3 5
4 ELAm3032 Amharic Short Story 3 5
5 ELAm3052 Research Methods 3 5
6 ELAm3054 Internship 3 5
Total 18 30




Year IV Semester I
S.No Course code Course Name Cr.Hr ECTS
1 ELAm 4051 Seminar on pre-research activities 3 5
2 ELAm4035 Practical Literary Criticism 3 5
3 ELAm4023 Translation Theory and Practice I 3 5
4 ELAm4013 Amharic Critical Reading and Text Analysis 3 5
5 ELAm4033 Children Literature 3 5
6 ELAm4041 News Gathering, Editorial and Feature writing 3 5
Total 18 30
Semester II
1 ELAm4024 Translation Theory and Practice II 3 5
2 ELAm4038 Workshop on creative writing 3 5
3 ELAm4034 Survey of Ethiopian Literature 3 5
4 ELAm4012 Workshop in Text Editing 3 5
5 ELAm4022 Survey of Ethiopian Languages 3 5
6 ELAm4052 Senior essay 4 7
Total 19 32