Bachelor Program


The B.Sc. Physics program has the following general objectives:

  • To cultivate physicists who combine a high level of numeracy with the ability to apply their skills and experience;
  • To develop students’ awareness of the role of Physics in contemporary applications, together with the skills of logical thought and a flexibility of mind that will help them continue their personal development throughout their subsequent career;
  • To lay emphasis on the fundamentals of Physics, whilst offering students a wide range of final year options that are intended to stimulate the versatility, knowledge and skills that employers look for in a Physics graduate.
  • Ensure quality education in Physics within a stimulating and supportive environment committed to excellence in Physics (theoretical, experimental, computational, research and community services);
  • To support students develop the ability to carry out experimental or/and other investigations, analyze the results critically, draw valid conclusions, and communicate their findings both verbally and in writing;
  • To render public consultations in areas closely related to Physics;
  • To develop the students ability to work independently and in groups or cooperatively;
  • To enhance the capability of the students to work as professional physicists in industries, research and other institutions/organizations;
  • To have enhanced skills in mathematics; problem solving; experimental techniques; scientific report writing; collecting, analyzing and presenting information;

            Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the B.Sc. program in Physics, a candidate:

  • Should satisfy the general admission requirements of Ethiopian Universities, and
  • must have at least a grade letter C in all physics and mathematics courses offered in the preliminary programs; and if an entrance exam is provided, the candidate should score a minimum of 50% marks in these subjects.

          Graduation Requirements

  • A student is required to take a minimum of 148 credit hours.

Table 1: Minimum graduation credit hour,



Cr. Hrs

Compulsory Physics


Elective Physics









NB: Universities can have the opportunity to add a maximum of 6cr.hrs depending on their resources and interest.

  • The Minimum Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) at the end should meet the value as specified below:
  • Physics Cumulative Grade Point Average 00
  • Overall Cumulative Grade Point Average 00
  • No F in any of the courses

                Duration of the study

                          Once the student has been admitted for regular program, under normal circumstances, he/she is required to attend the B.Sc. program for four years. However, in case of justifiable academic problems or the like, in agreement to the general graduation requirements of the program, the students can extend his/her study according to the University’s legislation.

               Degree Nomenclature

  • English: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics
  • Amharic: የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ በፊዚክስ