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                           About the Department

Department of economics is established in 2000 E.C and one of the potential dep’t with both on under  graduate  programs  and  post  graduate  programs  under  college  of  business  and  economics. Activities  or  missions  of  department  were  provide  teaching  and  learning,  conducting  researches and give community services activities to support pastoral and agro pastoral communities of afar region people and for the fulfillment of the mission and vision of our country. Institutionally, there might  be  numerous  academic  plans  and  strategies  as  well  as  policies  that  would  be  expected  to perform efficiently and effectively of this vibrant college and department. Currently, department of economics has regular first degree students, postgraduate PPM and development economics.

Despite  the  fact  that  department  of  economics  has  contributed  a  lot  in  incubating  a  competent graduates,   conducting   problem   solving   research   projects   and   delivering   community   service activities


  • The mission of the department is enhancing the intellectual and economic validity of our country through our academic program, research and community outreach acti



  • Vision of the department is to be one of the top departments in the nation and be exemplary through the provision of quality education in economics subject areas, research& consultancy service