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                             About CMHS

College of Medical and Health Sciences was established in 2012 with Nursing department by enrollment of 55 regular and 76 extension Nursing students. The college was beginning task with 7 Bachelor degree staffs and three Masters Staff. Based on the national Health work force demand the college continued expansion of teaching and learning process by enrolling students on Midwifery and public health programs in 2013.To address the regional and national health work demand the college started post basic programs in collaboration with regional health Bureau.

The college has launched three postgraduate programs in the field of  General Public Health in 2015, Public Health Nutrition, and Reproductive health in 2017 in both Regular and Extension program. Ten years after the establishment of the College of Medical and Health Sciences (CMHS), currently has organized in to Six Departments: Nursing, Bio-medical, Midwifery, Public Health and School of Medicine. Enrolling 194 female and 286 male students with a total of 480 students in Undergraduate) and Post-graduate program 39 female and 157 male a total of 196 in both Regular and Weekend programs. Currently, CMHS  conducted internal quality audit based on ETA standards to accept students for medicine doctoral degree to School of medicine in early 2023.

                         Mission of CMHS

CMHS is dedicated in producing competent graduates, conducting and releasing evidence based research outputs, and providing need based clinical and community services to foster the development aspiration of the Nation.


Our vision is to be the top ten leading medical and health Science College in clinical service provision, undertaking academically meticulous and communally meaningful researches output and provides community services in the in pastoral and agro-pastoral community development in East Africa by 2035.

                Core Values

  1. Students First
  2. Commitment
  3. Strive for quality
  4. Collaboration
  5. Community centered
  6. Innovation
  7. Committed to professional ethics
  8. Respect for diversity
  9. Health for all
  10. Partnership


  • To produce compassionate, Motivated respectful, competent and community oriented health professionals for the country with international recognized standard of excellence
  • To produce public health officers who undertake promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services including management and implementation of Primary health care services compatible to the needs of the population
  • To produce nursing professionals who are capable of providing comprehensive nursing care services in hospitals , health centers, and participate in health research facilities
  • To train patient-oriented Medical doctors to with broad clinical knowledge and skill to improve client diagnosis and clinical management
  • To train midwifery professionals who provides quality care includes preventative measures, the promotion of normal birth, the detection of complications in mother and child,
  • To conduct research activities in the area of community health based on the existing problems and felt need of the society
  • To facilitate and assist in the transfer and adaptation of knowledge, attitude and skills.
  • To produce health informatics professionals to improve the digital health and digital technology

                   Main Achievements

Our college is exemplary partnership and linkage experience with international and national organizations like Nuffic, NICHE, CINOP, CORAID, JHPIEGO, ICAP, UNFPA, MOH ,RHB ,Emory University

The college has shown a great progress in its research and community service engagement and Partnership. In this regard, the academic staff members are addressing a number of health problems deserving research consideration. CMHS actively involved in the prevention and control of acute watery diarrhea outbreak, take leading role in COVID-19 Prevention and control activity, participated in problem solving research in the area of infectious , non-infectious diseases, reproductive health issues,  nutrition different diseases and disease prevention approaches .

The college provides outreach community in the affiliate sites with the participation of Gradating students through community health attachment and team training program.

In addition to this, the college has established Dubti Health and demographic surveillance system (HDSS) site for longitudinal study in the community. Samara University handover logia Hospital so the hospital will start to function soon which will contribute for quality clinical attachment and clinical care. signed an agreement with different affiliate hospitals  in Afar region.

                Departments under the college

         Welcome Message from the College Dean: 

As the Dean of College of Medical and Health Sciences, and on behalf of academic staffs, administration, and fellow students it is with great pleasure that I welcome you. Thanks for coming to visit our website.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences are passionately committed towards providing an optimal environment for Teaching and Learning, implementation ,Research, Community engagement Services to improve the health and well-being of people in Afar region North East Ethiopia, as well as for our nation and across the world, through excellence in education, clinical care, evidence based services.

We are working on our Medicine and Health Science student which enables them to provide patient care that is Compassionate, Motivate, Appropriate, and Effective for treatment of health problems and promotion of health.

As an institution, we value diversity and understand we are stronger when we weave together different perspectives in working toward our common goals.

Our students demonstrated an outstanding performance in both Exit exam and Li-censure scoring 100% pass rate.

Together, we’re reinventing health education, research and care. We hope that once you spend a little time with us, you’ll believe in our vision. We’re all working for a healthier tomorrow. 


  •  Ousman Ahmed (Assistant professor in Tropical medicine )

                Dean, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

                              Samara University

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Name of the College

College of Medicine and Health Science

Name of the Dean

Ousman Ahmed Mohammed

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No. of Students

Name of the Secretary of Dean

Lubaba Sied


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0920637967 Secretary



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Name of the Key Persons in Dean Office

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Mohamed          Abdu




Ibrahim Mohamed




Dr Mohamed Yasin




Kuse Urmale




Habtamu solomun






 College’s Profile

The college has a total of 125 staffs which includes 111 academicians (81 MSC and 2 PhD above holders), 9 administrative staffs and 6 lab assistants by 2023.


  • Lack of teaching hospital
  • Lack of digital library
  • Lack of students residence area in health facilities

              Future Prospects

  • Upgrade the college level programs and facilities
  • Launching different new disciplines of health science and post graduate programs
  • Strengthen Dubti-Health and demographic surveillance system(HDSS)
  • Serving the community through launching different enterprise such as model pharmacy , Improving the Samara University Logia Hospital services
  • Creating linkage with different institutions at national and international levels to initiate different projects
  • Apply for CPD accreditation from MOH
  • Certified for CPD provider for Establishing standardized and institutionalized training center


  • Health science skill lab
  • HDSS site
  • NICHE Funded vehicles