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                        1.About the College

                   The College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS) was established on 2007.  Since its establishment, the college of Natural and Computational Sciences has been thriving to accomplish Samara University’s mission and vision. Currently, the College comprises six departments offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

                             The college of Natural and Computational Sciences produced competent undergraduate programs in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Sport Sciences. Recently, our college validated postgraduate curriculum for numerous programmes such as Plant Ecology and Conservation (Biology), Differential Equations (Mathematics), and Laser Spectroscopy and Quantum Optics (Physics).

                                 The college is gears to produce competent graduates, conduct problem-solving research, and engage in community services such as research and technology transfer to ensure the livelihood improvement and development in Afar in particular and Ethiopia at large. This will be ensured by the high caliber, young and enthusiastic staff members with qualifications of MSc and above.

                               Today, the College of Natural and Computational Sciences run more than 150 staff members and more than 500 students in undergraduate and post graduate programs. The departments in our college train undergraduate professionals in regular and summer program.

                            Moreover, the College of Natural and Computational Sciences has a Dean and three College Coordinators (Coordinator for Graduate Programs, Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Enhancement, and Coordinator for Research, Community Services and Technology Transfer).


                      2. List of Departments

  • Research, community service and technology transfer, Coordinator.

  • College Postgraduate, Coordinator

  • College Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Coordinator

                      3.  Message from Dean of CNCS

                         Dear All, welcome to the webpage for the College of Natural and Computational Sciences. The College of Natural and Computational Sciences is dedicated to fostering a research-intensive environment that promotes scientific inquiry and outreach. The college aspires to be the best college of applied sciences by producing competent graduates who can make a difference by engaging themselves in the prior agenda of the country. And, the college staff members are working in harmony towards the achievement of the set vision and missions of the college.

                     Currently, under the college there are six departments, namely: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science and Statistics.  These departments train students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in regular as well as summer programs.  The collage has already launched masters’ programs in 4 areas of specialization programs:  Plant Ecology and Conservation, Differential Equations, and Laser Spectroscopy and Quantum Optics. Thus, the college welcomes the alumni and all interested applicants to join us and benefit from these needy programs.

                    Additionally, our staff members are actively involved in technology transfer, community involvement, and large-scale research projects. The coordinators who permanently control the coordinating offices oversee the coordination of research, technology, and community service projects. Our college selects theme areas through these offices that are prioritized for project development at the local, regional, and national levels. To benefit the community, proposals centered on these theme areas and government development policy directions are put into practice.

                       You, our customers and partners, are welcome to our college webpage. If you are interested in learning more about our college in detail, you are encouraged to refer to the details given under the different sections of the college, including Departments and Coordinating Offices. Let us work together for our common benefit. 

               4. Dean, College of Natural and Computational Sciences

            Secretarial, CNCS