About the Department

The Construction Technology and Management department was established in 2009 E.C academic year under Samara University College of Engineering and Technology.

Currently the Department has 104 Students; the department has 19 Academic staff, from these, 5 on study leave, 11 undergraduate and 3 are Msc Holders.


The department of Construction Technology and Management Study is dedicated to providing quality education on fields of Construction Technology and Management studies, which transfer Technology, conduction problem solving research and community service and there by producing qualified competent and ethical graduates to foster the development aspiration of the nation.


One of the top ten Universities in 2030, by satisfying the requirement the higher education of Ethiopia.


Department Facilities

The Department of Construction Technology and Management Studies offers courses in comfortable classrooms. The Department has a well-equipped workshop laboratory for practical courses such as Building construction undertaking. It is planning to further expand the Construction Material laboratory to integrate testing Construction materials and a teaching laboratory. 


The Department Head

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years. Currently, Mr.Kasahun Tefera Alemayehu is serving as Head of the Department.  

Contact Address


Office Telephone:  

Mobile: +251-920-079-229

P.O. Box: 132, Samara, Ethiopia


Bachelor Programs

Program Objectives

 General Objectives
  • To training professionals required for managing constructing projects with efficient and effective management system, administer contracts,
  • To conduct researches to identify real problems on site pertaining to construction management, methods & materials, and find better solutions.
Specific Objectives
  • To Train Construction Technologist and Construction project Manager
  • To produce well Qualified Construction Technology and management Professionals.

Graduate Profile

The profile of B.Sc. graduates of Construction Technology & Management can be summarized as follows:

  • Organize resources including human, equipment and material resources and lead construction projects with efficient and effective management systems.
  • Conduct researches projects, discoveries and consultancy services to identify real problems on site pertaining to construction technology, management, methods and materials, and find better solutions.
  • Read, analyze and understand technical drawings and specifications. 
  •  Conduct inspection and supervision by checking and measuring works for accuracy and fit to specification.
  • Detect and identify design problems /faults/ by justifying the cause and detail requirements of adjustment or redesign and recommend measures.
  • Ensure that construction projects are executed as per the design & specification.
  •  Adapt construction materials, equipment, machines and other technological outputs to local needs.
  •  Manage efficiently construction works and integrate constraints and requirements of both manpower and construction machines.
  • Administer contracts, make legal agreements up hold construction codes and maintain professional ethics. 
  • demonstrate an appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools/software of construction related to:  contract documents, codes in relation to construction projects, materials testing, construction layout/surveying, best construction methods/practices, estimating, scheduling, safety, design of construction systems (temporary structures, concrete, foundations, formwork, basic electrical/mechanical systems), and appropriate software.
  • demonstrate an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments, and apply experimental results to improve construction processes and solve construction problems.
  • demonstrate an ability to apply creativity in the design of construction systems, components, and processes.
  • demonstrate the ability to communicate (graphically, verbally and nonverbally) and function effectively in teams.
  • demonstrate sufficient understanding of the importance of lifelong learning, continuous improvement, timeliness and a commitment to quality.

Duration of Program

The BSc. Program of construction technology and management takes five years of duration. Each year’s constitute two semesters

Admission Requirements.

Students who have successfully completed the 10 plus 2 preparatory education and have secured a minimum cut-off point with high scores in Physics and Mathematics are eligible to join the regular undergraduate B.Sc. degree program of Construction Technology and Management. 

Depending on available spaces, diploma graduates from TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) in the fields of construction technology will be admitted based on grades on competitive basis.

Applicants with a minimum cut-off point and with high scores in Physics and Mathematics in foreign countries examinations equivalent to the 10+2 preparatory program are also eligible. The equivalence is determined by the department.

Graduation Requirement

Students must take and pass all the required courses to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The total number of credit points required for graduation with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology and Management is 309 ECTS.

Degree Nomenclature

After successful completion of all the requirements a student graduating from the Construction Technology and Management program will be entitled to earn a degree in:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Technology and Management

የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ በግንባታ ቴክኖሎጂና ሥራ አመራር


Course CodeCourse TitleCredit  hrsLect hrsPractical hrsTutorial hrsSemisterCourse Category
FLEn1011Communicative English Language Skills I5302ICommon course
Phys-1011General Physics5302ICommon Course
Psyc1011General Psychology5302ICommon Course
Math1011Mathematics for Natural Sciences5302ICommon Course
LoCT 1011Critical Thinking5302ICommon Course
SpSc1011Physical FitnessICommon Course
GeES1011Geography of Ethiopia and the Horn5302ICommon Course
FLEn1012Communicative English Language Skills II5302IICommon Course
Anth1012Social Anthropology4202IICommon Course
EmTe1012Introduction to Emerging Technologies5302IICommon Course
Math1041Applied Mathematics I5302IICommon Course
MCiE1012Moral and Civic Education4202IICommon Course
ECEg1052Computer Programming5302IICommon Course
MGMT1012Entrepreneurship5302IICommon Course
COTM 2031Engineering Mechanics5302IMajor Course
COTM 2051Engineering Drawing5320IMajor Course
COTM 2053Workshop Practice4121IMajor Course
COTM 2061  Construction Material I  5231IMajor Course
ECON 2123Introduction to Economics5302ICommon Course
ACCT 2123Principles of Accounting5302ICommon Course
Mgmt2121Introduction to Management4301ICommon Course
COTM 2012Strength of Materials5302IIMajor Course
COTM 2062Construction Material II5232IIMajor Course
COTM 2072Building Construction I5231IIMajor Course
COTM 2082Computer Aided Drafting and Data Analysis4211IIMajor Course
COTM 2084Construction Drafting  and Working Drawing5222IIMajor Course
COTM 2132Hydraulics5320IIMajor Course
COTM 2151Principles of Construction Management4301IIMajor Course
COTM 3071Building Construction II5231IMajor Course
COTM 3101Theory of Structures5302IMajor Course
COTM 3131Water Supply and Treatment4320IMajor Course
COTM 3171Soil Mechanics6331IMajor Course
COTM 3181Surveying6231IMajor Course
COTM 3241Probability & Statistics4202ICommon Course
COTM 3192Highway Engineering I5321IIMajor Course
COTM 3172Foundation Engineering5302IIMajor Course
COTM 3112Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures5302IIMajor Course
COTM 3094Architectural Planning and Design5302IIMajor Course
COTM 3201Construction Specification and  Quantity Surveying6322IIMajor Course
COTM 3141Sewage Disposal & Treatment5321IIMajor Course
COTM 4163Construction Equipment and Plant Management 4301IMajor Course
COTM 4211Construction Planning & Scheduling**5221IMajor Course
COTM 4141Cost Engineering5302IMajor Course
COTM 4142Design and Construction of Water Works5302IMajor Course
COTM 4191Highway Engineering II5320IMajor Course
COTM 4162Financial Management in Construction5302IMajor Course
COTM 3222Construction Site Supervision4130IMajor Course
COTM 5161Human Resource Management5302IIMajor Course
COTM 4242Technical Report Writing & Research Methods4202IIMajor Course
COTM 4222Construction health and safety Management4301IIMajor Course
COTM 4251Internship120120IIMajor Course
COTM 5112Design of Steel and Timber Structures5302IMajor Course
COTM 5291Holistic Project and Introduction to Engineering Profession 6150IMajor Course
COTM 5191Bridge and Tunnel Construction4202IMajor Course
COTM 5262Development and construction Economics5302IMajor Course
COTM 5164Construction Performance & Resource Optimization4302IMajor Course
COTM 5232Construction Law5302IMajor Course
COTM 5274Modern Construction Technology and BIM5302IIMajor Course
COTM 5232Procurement Management & Contract Management5302IIMajor Course
COTM 5292BSc. Research8161IIMajor Course
 Global Trends4202IICommon Course
 Elective5330IIMajor Course
Incl 1012Inclusiveness4202IICommon Course