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                  About the Department

In general, education plays a crucial role in enhancing overall development, and human development in particular. Education is vital to eradicate poverty, enhancing social welfare, gender equality, ensuring peace and stability and other utilities. Since higher education is one among the state entities which is mainly devised to serve as a means to develop the level of technologies, in line with this it is devised to accelerate the all rounded ongoing growth of the country on the other hand.   

Samara University is a community of scholars, a realm where students pursue truth and enrich human understanding. It has been regarded as an essential attribute of any advanced society to provide training for the professionals and more general educational opportunities in scientific and humanistic studies. Under the goal of this, Department of English Language and Literature has become one of the spearheading departments in working combining its research, instructional, and public service missions.

English as a foreign language in Ethiopia is a medium of instruction in both high schools and higher institutions in addition to being given separate as a subject in primary schools. The ultimate aim of teaching English is to develop learners’ abilities to receive and convey messages successfully in academic and real life contexts. The Department of English Language and Literature is established in 2000 EC together with the establishment of the university under graduate programs under college of social science and humanity. Activities  or  missions  of  department provide teaching and  learning, develop a project, conducting researches and  give  community services  activities to  support pastoral  and agro pastoral communities of the Afar Regional State.


  • The department of English language and literature is devoted in producing competent graduates, who exert the crucial professional energy and conduct problem-solving research outputs thereby, fill the acute gap in this aspect and foster the development aspiration of the nation. Thus, the department is commended to play significant role in ensuring the quality education.


  • The vision of English Language and Literature Department is to be a center of academic excellence in various fields of English language, in research areas and in providing community services general, and to produce competitive learners having an outstanding language proficiency in the language skills. Therefore, English department in addition to its own major students, it devotes to produce proficient and efficient graduates in English language skills to all of the learners of the university.


        Department Facilities

Currently, the Department of English Language and Literature consists of two batches, i.e., 3rd year and 4th year students. The department has an office for the ELIC coordinator, for the department head and other offices for the the staff members. It has also its own two learning classrooms for the two batch students.


currently there is one language laboratory for listening and oral skills practice, but the instruments in the laboratory needs maintenance. So, the department needs to equip the laboratory with necessary audio and audiovisual resources needed for the training. This could be done by forming partnership with International organizations like the British Council and other sister universities or purchasing the resources.

             The Department Head

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest following the college announcement of the vacancy for the post. The term of position for the department head is two years. Currently, Mr. Oumer Ibrahim is serving as head of the department, and his contact address is:

              Office Telephone:  

  • Mobile: +251-949091963
  • P.O. Box: 132, Samara, Ethiopia