Bachelor Program

                  The undergraduate program in geology has undergone several reviews and amendments to incorporate new ideas and methodologies in geosciences and to meet the needs of the country. Accordingly, the current review was conducted after a series of consultation with governmental and private institutions, other universities within the country, alumni, currently enrolled students, and staff members of the department. The discussion indicated that the curriculum should be reviewed to:

  • Include recent ideas in geosciences
  • Include more applied courses in geosciences and render more skills and problem solving capabilities to students
  • Redress deficiencies of incoming students
  • Focus course contents on Ethiopian geologic problems
  • Equip students with more general science knowledge
  • Diversify opportunities to graduates
  • Give sufficient time to cover all the contents in the curriculum and
  • Meet the demand of the country for qualified geoscientists
  • Therefore, to address the above mentioned issues the current undergraduate program is designed to be a four year program with the following general and specific objectives.

          Curriculum Profile

The program is designed to include geology core courses, supportive and general study courses to be offered in eight semesters (4 years). These provide fundamental knowledge, skill and desired attitude. The curriculum content is set to produce graduates who fulfill both national and international standards and needs. By increasing emphasis on field trainings and applied courses, the program/curriculum transfers skills which would also enhance the employability of the graduates

            Graduate Profile

Upon successful completion of all the required courses in the curriculum, the geology graduate will

  • Have the sufficient tacit and explicit knowledge to compare, analyze and synthesize data on geologic and geologic processes, features and resources and convert this knowledge to actionable knowledge in sectors such as earth resources evaluation, development and management, geo-hazards and environmental changes detection and mitigation
  • Have the skill to measure, describe, record, report, and map geologic features, processes, and resources using conventional and up-to-date methods, equipment’s and standards
  • Be able to conduct basic and applied researches in earth sciences (including problem identification, comparing and contrasting, inventorying) and be able to communicate with individuals and the community
  • Have the attitude and caliber to transform theories and principles from one Earth Science discipline to another
  • Be cognizant of the ethics, attitude, and value of own profession and that of responsible
  • Citizenship

        Admission Requirements

  • Applicants to the program must successfully complete the precollege program set by the Ministry of Education
  • Fulfillment of the general University wide admission requirements

         Graduation Requirements

              A student must have passed all prescribed courses earning a minimum total 145-146 credits which cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of not less than 2.00.Cumulative GPA in Major courses must be greater than or equal to 2.00 and no ‘F’ in any of the prescribed courses.

           Degree Nomenclature

  • In English: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Applied Geology
  • In Amharic በአማርኛ፡ የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ፡ በጂኦሎጂ