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                     About the Department

Department of horticulture started to offer the course since the establishment of Samara University in 2008. Initially the department was offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Education degree (teaching) in horticulture. The Department has revised its curriculum as of 2013 and has been offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of horticulture. The revision aimed at inculcating the changes and improvements that are happening in the discipline.

The horticulture sector commands a large employment potential by way of supporting a series of direct and indirect activities related to area development, nurseries, cultivation and farming, crop maintenance, production, post-harvest management, storage, processing, transportation, marketing and distribution of horticultural commodities and products. Hence, the on-going growth in the horticulture sector is expected to further provide a huge employment opportunity. Achieving food self-sufficiency necessitates the use of modern agricultural technologies and technical support of qualified agricultural professionals that demonstrate their skills and know-how through their technical advice in using modern agricultural practices and improved crop varieties, which in turn help in improving productivity and quality of crops. In view of the huge trained human resource requirements of the country and the ambitious government policy, the demand for trained professionals at the undergraduate level in horticulture is very high.

Currently, the department of horticulture is running undergraduate programs in the regular modalities. Horticulture graduates work in both the teaching and non-teaching professions and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of the country.


  • The department of horticulture  is dedicated to providing quality education on various fields of horticultural , which incorporate fruit, vegetable, flower, beverage and planation plant, landscape post-harvest, conduction problem solving research and community service and there by producing qualified competent and ethical graduates to foster the development aspiration of the nation.


  • To be one of the leading departments with enormous fields of horticulture  in pastoral and agro-pastoral community of East Africa by 2035.

                   Department Facilities

The Department of horticulture offers courses in comfortable classrooms that it shares with other departments of the College of dry land agriculture. Furthermore, the Department has a laboratory and field for practical courses such as in 85% of courses. It is planning to further expand the laboratory and demonstration site to integrate practice skill. 

           Department Administration

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years. Currently, Mr. Osman Ahmed is serving as Head of the Department.  

           Contact Address

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +251922881811
  • P.O. Box: 132, Semera, Afar, Ethiopia.