Masters Programs

                    Program Objectives

The MSc program in Natural Resources Management has the following objectives:

  • To respond to the national needs for highly trained manpower by providing education and training, aimed at producing graduates who will help, improve agricultural productivity and promote sustainable agricultural development, wise use of Natural resources and increase the county’s food security;
  • To carry out basic and applied research in the field of Natural Resources Management on nationally prioritized topics, aimed at contributing to the country’s animal production and development venture.
  • To develop the student’s ability to contribute to, and to make innovations for the sustainable development and management of the Natural resources.

                  Graduate Profiles

The graduates of the MSc program in Natural Resources Management will have the capacity and competence in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes in:

  • Developing, analyzing, and evaluating Natural Resources Management and pastoral development programs to boost Natural Resources productivity and health of the environment
  • Communicating complex information to people from a wide range of educational and social backgrounds, working in multidisciplinary teams and be influential agents of change;
  • Applying analytical and critical thinking for creative problem solving studies
  • Identifying problems related to their field of study and formulate practical solutions for the challenges;
  • Formulate and design national and international research agendas, development and outreach activities towards in Natural Resources Management
  • Formulating and developing strategies to change the current subsistence tropical animal production to more productive and sustainable market oriented production through the applications of Natural Resources Management know how which will ultimately increase the Natural Resources contribution to national economy;
  • Working in a team toward national goals & development of the country;

               Admission Requirement

In order to be eligible for the MSc program in Natural Resources Management, a student needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management, Plant Science RDAE, Forestry and or other related biological sciences or equivalent degree from an accredited university and pass entrance examination (if required);
  • BSC graduate with in the above areas with CGPA of 00 and above
  • The Program may set other criteria (Whenever necessary)


                Graduate requirement

To be eligible for graduation, all students following Master’s degree program in Natural Resources Management must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 33 credit hours of course work, with no “D” and “”F” grade in any course taken as well as not more than one “C”;
  • A minimum six credit hours of research work on which a thesis must be written;
  • The students are also obliged to write and present a research proposal to the department graduate council for review and it has to be approved by the department graduate council (DGC) before the start of their field work
  • Students must have pass mark in the defense of master’s thesis;
  • A Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00.

            Degree Nomenclature

  • In English: MSc degree in Natural Resources Management
  • In Amharic: “የሳይንስ ማስተርስ ድግሪ በተፈጥሮ ሀብት አያያዝ’’