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Worke Wolde Asfaw

Qualification: MSc Degree Academic Rank: Lecturer Specialization:  information technology Research Interest:  SE,CSE,IT List of publications: Information Extraction Model for Ge’ez Text Contact Address;  Email: Phone No: +251-927708971 P.O. Box: 132, Samara, Ethiopia

Wasyhun Abdela Ajebo

Qualification: MSc Degree Academic Rank: Lecturer Specialization:  Software Engineering Research Interest:  SE, IoT and Cloud Computing List of publications: IoT based smart ward for public hospital Contact Address;                                Email: Phone No: +251-919981671 P.O. Box: 132, Semera, Ethiopia

Welday G/kirstos

Qualification: MSc Degree Academic Rank: Lecturer Specialization: MSc in Computer Engineering Research Interest:  Ad hoc Networking, Machine learning List of publications:   Contact Address          Phone No: +251-914-834-360 P.O. Box: 132, Semera, Ethiopia

Wondiumagengehu Shumalem

Qualification:- M.Sc. Degree Academic Rank:- Lecturer Specialization:- Electrical Power Engineering Research Interest:- Contact address: E-mail:- Phone No: +251-911-069-239 P.O. Box:- 132, Semera, Ethiopia