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                    About the Department

The department of Natural Resources Management has existing from the beginning of Samara University was stand on foot at Samara in 2008 G.C. The department stared enrolling the under graduate students (Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Management by regular enrollment modality) in 2009 G.C. with a very few staffs and resources but in a great motive and commitment. Know a date; the department comprises 23 staff members having diverse academic status and specializations. To be clear, 1PhD holder, 3PhD candidates, 9MSc holder and 10MSc candidate staffs are working under the department of Natural Resources Management. The department Natural Resources Management is one of the promised and promising discipline that conduct different researches and community services in the university to prosper more and solve problems of the nearby community.  Moreover, the department requires different demonstration site, farms, and laboratories therefore theses learning facilities have starting to be establish and well organized since a year ago via Samara University thereby make our curricula practical and ensuring quality education. The graduates from Natural Resources Management have serving our country in different professions. In addition, the department of Natural Resources Management has launched a postgraduate curriculum for Master’s Degree in and Natural Resources.  Accordingly, we have working on development of teaching-learning areas and facilities to start MSc program by extension and regular enrolment.


  • The department of Natural Resources Management is dedicated to providing quality education on various streams of animal sciences by focusing on the three pillars for human’s mentality change which are knowledge, skill and attitude.  In addition to teaching the students, performing problem solving research and community service and there by producing qualified competent and ethical graduates in their profession to foster the development aspiration of the nation.


  • To be one of the leading departments in the field of Natural Resource Management in pastoral and agro-pastoral community of East Africa by 2035.  

               Department Facilities

The Department of Natural Resources Management offers different courses in classrooms and most of the time the practical sessions covered by means of educational trip going to another universities and related institutes. Department of Natural Resources Management has not the organized demonstration sites, farms and laboratories to perform practical sessions.  However, now a date there is some good preparatory and initiative activities to establish and organized farms and laboratory facilities and we working in a great commitment. Furthermore, the Department has gotten special consideration as it works in soil laboratory establishment.

                Department Administration

The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years. Currently, Mr. Jemal Seid is serving as Head of the Department.  

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