Panel Discussion on Health Research Activities Held at Samara.

Panel Discussion on Health Research Activities Held at Samara.

Panel Discussion on Health Research Activities held at Samara.


Samara University: February, 2023

Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), Afar National Regional Government Health Office and Samara University held a discussion on health research activities in Samara.

Professor Afework Kasu, Director General of Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), said that the eastern part of the country is more vulnerable to the spread of various diseases due to the harsh weather condition, so cooperation in research and monitoring needs more emphasis to address better health services for the community.

Similarly; the President of Samara University, Mohammad Usman (PhD), pointed out that the University through College of Health Sciences, studies, teaches, leads, and financially support Logia Hospital as well as other health sectors in the region in collaboration with other institutions and will excel the efforts.

Head of Afar National Regional Government Health Office, Yasin Habib, after delivering a welcome message, said that the office has pleased to have the opportunity of working with AHRI and Samara University on research-supported health activities.

In the forum, five pieces of research were presented by AHRI researchers, Regional Health Bureau researchers and Samara University scholars. Following the presentation questions and comments were raised from audiences so that presenters gave responses and clarification up on it.

Afar National Regional Government Science and technology commission deputy director Mohammed Habib, Senior leaders and researchers from AHRI, leaders and researchers of Samara University, leaders of the regional health office and other invited guests attend in the discussion.

finally, the forum held a visit at hospitals and regional laboratories in Samara and Aysaita.


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