Postgraduate Programs:

  1. MPH in General Public Health

      Program Objectives:

          General objective:

  • The general objective of the program is to train and produce a high caliber public health professionals outfitted with skills and knowledge to promote the overall well-being and health of the pastoral and agro-pastoral society in the region and Ethiopia as well.
  • Hence, this will intern contribute to the reduction of poverty and prevention and control of diseases of public health importance including the curtailing of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

            Specific objectives:

The specific objectives of the program are to train public health professionals who can:

  • Manage health services and programs at the woreda/district, regional and national levels
  • Undertake basic and operational researches that would contribute to solving community health problems
  • Tolerate responsibility at federal, regional states, international organizations, and different stakeholders
  • Teach health science training programs at various levels.
  • Develop innovative approaches and strategies in community-specific programs for the safeguarding of Health and prevention of diseases.
  • Equip with the capability to be a resource person for the institutions as well as the pastoral and agro-pastoral community at a large in all matters related to public health.
  • Assess community needs for health programs, design, coordinate, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of health programs at various levels of health delivery systems.
  • Act as a core member of the health team, contribute to the alleviation of poverty and prevention as well as control communicable Diseases.
  • Involve in national, Regional Health Policy Design, Development, and Implementation

           Graduate Profiles:

Up on graduation, graduates of the MPH program will have the following competence:

  • Provide effective technical as well as managerial strategic leadership (in preventing diseases and advocating and promoting health)
  • Promote and protect the population’s health (public health program priority setting)
  • Proficient in assessing, evaluating, and developing health and health-related programs to develop health policies, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Capable of conducting different types of research at different organizational levels of the country to solve the health problems of the community.
  • Expert at providing consultancy services in the control and prevention of health and health-related problems.
  • Cooperative with other professionals to forecast, prevent and control epidemics of diseases of local as well as global nature.
  • Knowledgeable and understanding of the public health issues in developing country settings, including Ethiopia.
  • Ethically manage self, people, and resources (apply the ethical principles and values of public health practice

         Admission Requirements:

In addition to the general admission requirements for postgraduate programs stated in the senate legislation of Samara University, applicants should have a minimum of a first degree (BSc) in Public Health/Health Officer, Medicine, or paramedical fields (Nursing, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Midwifery, Laboratory, Optometry, Anesthesia, Physiotherapy, Health Education, or Pharmacy) in accredited university/University College or College. The program is also open to those with first degrees (Bachelor’s) in other fields such as Veterinary Medicine and Biology which will be evaluated individually on the bases of the applicant’s work experience, courses taken and training taken. Applicants for the program are preferred to have two years or more relevant work experience, but this is not mandatory. They should also be physically and mentally fit to be enrolled in the MPH program.

  • Preliminary screening shall be based on the following criteria
    • A minimum CGPA of 2.00 from a first-degree or 3.00 from a second degree
    • Two letters of recommendation (at least one should be from a university academician)
    • Sponsorship letter from employer/sponsor for sponsored students or declaration statement for self-sponsored applicants
    • Their background education stated in the first paragraph of the admission requirement
  • Applicants who pass the preliminary screening will be invited to sit for an entrance written and/or oral examination that will mostly have general knowledge questions related to biostatistics, epidemiology, reproductive health, nutrition, health systems, environmental health, and health promotion. The distribution of the questions will be as follows:
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology – 30%
  • Environmental Health and Health Promotion – 20%
  • Health Service Management – 25%
  • Reproductive Health and Nutrition – 25%
  • The minimum qualifying mark will be 60%. Female applicants are encouraged to apply

and they will be given priority.

  • As the medium of instruction is English, applicants whose medium of instruction is not English for their first degree would be required to bring a valid English language test.

          Graduate Requirements:

A student to be graduated with “Masters’s Degree in General Public Health, each candidate should satisfy the requirements stated below as well as those graduation regiments stated in Samara University Senate legislations.

  • Student achievements in any of the courses shall be graded as per the cut-offs stipulated in the Samara University Senate Legislation.
  • The academic status of the students shall be determined periodically as per the rules and regulations of the Samara University Legislation after the completion of minimum credit hours.
  • A graduate student must sustain a minimum SGPA and CGPA stipulated in the Samara University Legislation throughout his/her study period in the program.
  • The respective Department Graduate Committee (DGC), in consultation with the department academic committee, shall determine the academic status of graduate students based on the Samara University Legislation.
  • Students must complete all the required courses, defend their thesis successfully, and achieve a CGPA of 3.00

        Degree Nomenclature:

Up on successful completion of the program, the degree nomenclature will be:

  •  In English “Masters Degree in General Public Health” as well as
  • In Amharic “የሁለተኛዲግሪበህብረተሰብጤናአጠባበቅ”