Adem Ali Kabo

Research and Technology Transfer A/V/President​

Mobile +251 936841508


The office of the Vice President for
Research and Technology Transfer
(VPRTT) is accountable to the President of
the University. It leads three core processes:
namely Research and Publication,
Community Services and UniversityIndustry Linkage and Technology Transfer
(UIL/TTD) directorate offices. The office of
VPRCS plays a vital role in directing,
shaping up and monitoring its Research,
Community services and the UIL/TTD
initiatives being carried out by the university
both within the institution and outside. It
also shares the vision, mission and values of
the university and works in ensuring these
are achieved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Three Directorates are accountable to the office of VPRCS. The Directorates are responsible in ensuring quality in research at individual, team of researchers and institutional level maintained and community engagement is strengthened through a collaborative and a resource sharing principles where the community’s heart-felt needs are addressed and its welfare is safeguarded.