University management council evaluates performance of the half-year work plan

University management council evaluates performance of the half-year work plan


The University management council evaluates the performance of the half-year work plan


Samara University: February 03/2023

Samara University management council made a critical evaluation of the six-month work plan implementation report of the fiscal year 2022/23, from February 01-02/2023 for two consecutive days.

Muhammed Usman (PhD) president of Samara University, who opened the discussion, pointed out that it is a forum for the examination of implementation corresponding to the plan, the challenges and the points to be improved.

The president stressed that the council discussion should focus on the quality of teaching-learning, quality service delivery, research and student result-centered plan execution and better report preparation and presentation.

‘’Even though we have been struggling with various man-made and natural challenges, we are working together and coming out strong to transform the university to an applied science university shortly’’ said the president.

The council member directors, team leaders, colleges and department heads from various sectors presented their half-year plan implementation to the council and evaluated, had a constructive discussion by giving explanations to the comments and questions from participants.

Although the implementation of the six-month plan has many limitations, it is reported that this half-year implementation is greater compared to the experiences of the previous years.

In addition to the implementation report, a blueprint prepared for the transition of Samara University to applied Science University was presented and reviewed by the management council.

Finally, the council made a field observation of the projects under construction, evaluated their process and concluded the half-year discussion.


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