Samara University Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate

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History and Background of women, children and youth Directorate


Samara University is one of the public higher learning institutions in Ethiopia directed by major national policy documents, such as the Education and Training Policy, Education Sector Strategy, Education Sector Development Programs (ESDPs), the Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation (2009), and the National Strategic Plan (NSP).The University establishes the office of Gender as the university organ to address gender issues. Gender is one of the University’s prioritized researches thematic areas in the university’s research priority policy. All these indicate the University’s commitment to address issue of gender. According to article 7(28) of 2017 Samara University Legislation “supervising the mainstreaming of gender…” is among the grand powers of the senate. There are challenges in addressing gender equality in all the activities of the University though the above opportunities have there.

Hence, the office established in 2000 E.C to solve the above mentioned challenges.  After some years, the office restructured under the President Office and named as “Gender and HIV/AIDS Directorate”. Later on, in 2009 E.C the office reorganized as “women, children and youth directorate. Nowadays, the directorate office is responsible for the President Office.

 The Former directors of the office were,  Hawa Besiher ( 2007-2008), Mr Solomon Alemayehu ( 2009-2010), Hawa Besiher ( 2011- may 2012)  and Alem Gebrewold ( may 2012 still now).