Bachelor Programs

               Program’s Objectives

The program aims to provide undergraduate students with both subject-specific knowledge and general skills. It aims: 

  • To produce competent Natural Resources Management professionals who could serve as experts and entrepreneurs.
  • To produce professionals who carry out extension activities in Natural Resources Management  
  • To produce professionals who participate in Natural Resources Management research activities
  • To develop professionals with positive attitude to rural development including responsibility, dedication, hard work, accuracy and team work.
  • To produce professionals who can give consultative services to solve problem of Natural Resources Management for various community groups.
  • To produce professionals who have technical innovation in Natural Resources Management
  • To produce innovative graduates with good professional ethics and responsibility to work towards national development goals.

                  Graduate Profiles

The curriculum of the department designed with the view that graduates who completes their education from the department shall be able to;

  • Could work as professionals in Universities/Colleges, research institutions, private sectors, government and non-government organizations;
  • Realize scientific methods of raising Natural Resources Management either directly as entrepreneur or indirectly through extension;
  • Design and conduct research geared towards enhancement of Natural Resources Management and productivity;
  • Consult/advice in the area of Natural Resources Management development;
  • Manage Natural Resources
  • Would be capable to integrate Natural Resources Management

             Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of the Ethiopian Secondary Schools (grade 12) with natural science background.
  • Advance standing placement for holders of diploma in Natural Resources Management and/or related fields who meet the criteria set by the department.
  • Special admission, admission as part-time students, admission for students with general certificate of education equivalent to the preparatory program and students who seeks to transfer from other higher learning institutions of equivalent standard to the program may be granted admission provided that they qualify the respective admission criteria of the department, and
  • All other admission requirements of the University including pass points in its entrance examination shall be taken into consideration.

                Graduation Requirements

  • In order to graduate with a B.Sc. degree in Natural Resources Management, the student: Should take a minimum of 151 and a maximum of 132 credit hours with an equivalent of 246 ECTS courses, respectively.
  • Should score a minimum CGPA of 2.00.
  • Should not have F grade.

        Degree Nomenclature

Up on successful completion and fulfillment of all the desired courses and regulations, the candidate will be awarded

  • “Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management”
  • (የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ በተፈጥሮ ሀብት አያያዝ).