Bachelor programs

                      Program objective

The overall goal of the program is provide students with broad training in business and value chain management and crate knowledge and skills that form the professional base of the personal working in Agribusiness commercialization.

The specific Objectives of the program are to:

  • Produce knowledgeable graduates in the field of Agribusiness and Value Chains who can involve in initiating, developing, managing, coordinating, and analysing agribusiness firms
  • Produce committed, motivated, socially accountable and qualified Agribusiness and Value Chain managers and analysts’ for undertaking rigorous and problem-solving research in their fields of expertise
  • Produce graduates that will render community services
  • Produce graduates for offering consultancy and advisory services to agribusiness firms, value chain actors, government institutions, and NGOs.

                      Graduate Profile

In general, the graduate of the program is expected to analyse and interpret information on farm production methods and technologies across the value chain. In particular after successful completion of the training, the graduates are expected to gain knowledge and skills that enable them to:

  • Analyse agribusiness sector investment opportunities and limitations; and evaluate investment climate for agribusiness enterprises.
  • Identify and develop potential value chains for major commodities in the country
  • Apply economic, political, legal, commercial and business theories and concepts in solving practical problems and for improving practices
  • Apply their knowledge to establish and effectively run their own private firms or agribusiness enterprises
  • Consult and practice on the identification, appraisal and implementation of agribusiness development polices, projects and programs
  • Serve as planners in agriculture and rural development
  • Work as agribusiness and value chain management analysts,
  • Advise on economic and business matters in agribusiness and value chai arena,
  • Apply socio-economic researches in dealing with practical issues and concerns,
  • Work as Teacher, Market expert, Loan officer, Credit expert, and Policy idea generator


             Admission Requirements

Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria of that year. After successfully completing first year common courses, students will join the program competitively based on their interest. Others like readmission and advance standing shall be treated according to the academic rules and regulations of the Universities

           Graduation Requirements

Students who are directly admitted from secondary school are expected to take a total of 150 credit hours (57 courses). At the end of the program, the student is required to have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00 with no “F” letter grade in any course.

             Degree Nomenclature

Students who have successfully completed graduation requirements can earn the following degree:

  • In English: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management
  • In Amharic: “የሳይንስ ባችለር ዲግሪ በ ግብርና ቢዝነስ እና የእሴት ሰንሰለት ሥራ አመራር”