Program –BA in History and Heritage Management

           Program Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Heritage Management is designed to produce graduates who have a sound knowledge of history in general and an appreciation of multiculturalism and regional history in particular. The degree is designed to prepare graduates for employment in fields requiring a firm foundation in interpretive, analytical, research, and communication skills.

             Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in History and Heritage Management program, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of History and Heritage Management and its role in society
  • Acquire a breadth of historical knowledge across a range of periods and regions and to encourage consideration of links and comparisons between them
  • Promote depth of understanding of historical concepts such as change and continuity, causation and motivation, as well as period-specific concepts such as nationalism, revolution and colonization
  • Develop understanding of historical sources and the methods used by historians
  • Be critical, reflective and independent, able to interpret and evaluate historical source material and offer substantiated explanations to historical questions

                          Admission Requirements

As per the criteria of Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  • Social Sciences background preferable
  • An experience of teaching in history, but not mandatory;
  • Transfer from other universities will take the following points into account, “F” free in all subjects; CGPA 2.00
  • Readmission as per Senate Legislations of respective universities.

                  Graduation Requirements

All students are expected to take a total of 142 credit hours. Students who successfully complete all courses with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and have no “F” grade will be legible for graduation.

                        Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for the program is English

                             Duration of study

The regular BA degree program in History and Heritage management has been offered for four years full time study. To adequately address the necessary professional skills and knowledge that the working environment requires the program has revised the delivery approach from three-year full-time to four year including the freshman year. The four year degree program comprises the range of active methodologies, student centered and practice-oriented course offering approaches.

                            General Mode of Delivery

The common approaches supposed to be used in all of the modules and courses are parallel.        

                 Degree Nomenclature

The Degree to be awarded to the graduates of this program will be designated as Bachelor of Arts in History and Heritage Management/ የአርት ባችለር ድግሪ በታሪክ እና ቅርስ አስተዳደር

            Grading System

Student learning is assessed on a continuous assessment basis in the form of tests, assignments, presentations, etc. to determine the final letter grade earned. Continuous assessment shall account for 50% of the total course grade. The remaining 50% shall be allotted for a final exam conducted at the end of course delivery. The number, type and schedule of examinations or tests in a course shall be determined by the instructor and stated on the course outline to be issued to students at the beginning of the course. Letter grades are assigned to the marks earned out of 100% on a fixed scale (criteria referenced grading system). The raw marks out of 100% and their equivalent letter grades are indicated in the following table:

Grades will be recorded in letters ranging from “A+ to F”

  1. A+ > 90   7. C+ 60-64.99
  2. A 85-89.99 8. C 50-59.99
  3. A- 80-84.99 9. C- 45-49.99
  4. B+ 75-79.99   10. D 35-39.99
  5. B 70-74.99 11. F 0-29.99                        
  6. B- 65-69.99

 Corresponding fixed Number Grade

A+ = 4                                          C+ = 2.33

A = 4                                            C = 2

A- = 3.67                                      C- = 1.67

B+ = 3.33                                     D = 1

B = 3                                            F = 0                                   

B- = 2.67