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                       About the Department

                    Department of Civics And Ethical Studies starting to offer the course since the establishment of Samara University in 2008.Initially the department was offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Education degree (teaching) in Civics and Ethical Studies. The Department has revised its curriculum as of 2009 and has been offering an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree (non-teaching) in Civics and Ethical Studies and  the Department start to deliver two course that of Civics and Ethical Studies and Logic but current time the Department give additional common course around forty department under different collages in Samara University However after 2012 the course was added to this department like Logic and Critical Thinks, Global Trend and Citizenship and Moral Education for all of second year student according to new curriculum that design by MoSHE.

               In Addition to this Introduction to Civics and Ethical Studies  help students in order to enable students to be equipped with foundations of Citizenship studies such as political citizenship of rights and obligations, economic citizenship in light of variations and the threat of globalization, and social citizenship as grounds of social change, and evaluate these in the contemporary Ethiopia. Currently, the department of Civics and Ethical Studies is running undergraduate programs in regular, and summer education modalities. Moreover, the department has launched master’s degree program in Political Science and International Relation in 2014/22.Civics and Ethical Studies graduates work in both the teaching and non-teaching professions and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of the country.


  • The department of Civics and Ethical Studies provide the widest needs of the national market with graduates who have a good knowledge and competence in the vast area of Civics and Ethical Studies; who have developed a remarkable degree of civic capacity and moral standards so that they could play an exemplary role to the society


  • One of the Vision of the Department is to produce graduates with the knowledge of industriousness, self-reliance, the pursuit of knowledge, saving and community participation moreover, to be one of the leading departments with enormous fields of Civics and Ethical studies in pastoral and agro-pastoral community of East Africa by 2035.

         Facilities and Resources of the Department

                            The Department of Civics and Ethical Studies offers courses in comfortable classrooms for Masters students of Political Science that it shares with other departments of the College of Social Science and Humanities. Furthermore, the Department has a well-educated staff starting from B.A up to Assistance professor that ready to deliver the course in well manner. Moreover the Department is planning to open other field of specialization in the Department like M.A by Peace and Conflict Studies and Peace and Security to satisfy the interests of customer bin the above mentioned Department. In addition to these resources of the department depends upon intake capacity of the university.

             Graduate Profile

                  Firstly the department Play active and exemplary roles in citizens’ participation for peace, constitutionalism, rule of law, democracy& human rights; secondly it Promoters of good governance and Developers of mechanisms of combating corruption, rent-seeking and other malpractices and immoralities  thirdly Appreciate and uphold moral values and principles as they interact with fellow citizens and the environment at large moreover it Strive to promote gender and minority equalities in the economic, social and political issues moreover Portray commitment to ethical values and principles of professionalism and leadership as they engage in service delivering institutions; in addition to this  Carry out consultancy and training services in various areas of Civics and Ethics and  Diligent, work–loving and purpose–oriented organizer, developer and educator of ethical values and principles among the people with whom he/she works and societal change analysts at all public organs, municipalities, and training centers finally,  Skillful, far-sighted, democratically-principled with the highest interpersonal qualities; an effective expert in Civics and Ethics issues

Admission requirements for B.A and M.A Programs

                Entry to the Bachelor of Arts in Civics and Ethical Studies is allowed students who successfully completed their preparatory education in the field of social sciences are generally eligible to be admitted to the department’s or program’s regular and continuing education programs. The University shall set different entry requirements for enrollment in the continuing education programs.

          A. Regular Degree

  1. Directly from (preparatory program) who successfully passed the entrance exam according to the MoSE criteria with social science background.
  2. Social science background preferable but not mandatory.

         B.  Summer, Extension, and Distance Degree

  1. Students who have diploma (12+2) with social science field, students who successfully passed the minimum requirement in that specific year, with social science background, and who meet the specific criteria set by the department of the respective institutions.
  2. Students who have diploma (12+2) in non-social science disciplines but who have taught Civic and Ethical Education at different levels for more than 2 years.
  3. Students who have diploma with the new program (10+3) as determined by the decision of the MOE and,
  4. Readmission as per university legislation.


               The Department Head is selected from among the teaching staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years.

Currently, Mr. Muktar Toyib is serving as Head of the Department.  

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