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             About the Department

                         Samara University has a number of leading programs that have significant benefits to the country as a whole. Earth science/ Geology program has been established in Samara University since 2007. The program when established in this university has an attention to produce competent graduates that can solve many geologic problems, conducting and releasing problem solving research output. Currently, the department of Earth Science is running undergraduate programs and launched master’s degree program in MSc in Hydrogeology and MSc in Mining Geology in 2022.

                    The Earth Science Department is one of the old Departments in Samara University. It started   offering UG program and gradually expanded to PG in geology. In the past few years of its existence, the Department has built its capacity both in human resources and infrastructure. The Department is having many senior staff having many years of teaching and research experience. Currently, the Earth Sciences Department holds 27 staffs. From these, around 12 are M.Sc. holders (9 lecturers, 2 are PHD candidate and 1 assistance professor), 14 BSc degrees holders with assistants lecturer and 1 lab assistances. The diversity in the fields of specialization has enabled the Department to carry out a wide range of teaching and research activities in various streams of Earth science. The details of the staff profile with designations, fields of specialization and qualification are given in the below. The Department is also focusing on developing laboratories such as geochemical analysis lab (having AAS and UV-Spectrophotometer, petrography lab (with petrological microscopes), geophysics lab, XRD lab, SEM lab and XRF lab etc.


                        Main Objectives

  • Promote interdisciplinary approach both in the academics research and community services
  • Encourage research at local level and collaborative research at international level, and strengthen the research facilities through research projects.
  • Produce competent graduates who will have technical skills and knowledge in laboratory and field works.
  • Produce skilled manpower who could be entrepreneurs.
  • Strengthen the research facilities through research projects.
  • Introduce higher level education programs like post graduate and PhD in different fields of earth sciences and establish other new bachelor level departments ;
  • Develop a strong bond between industry and university through collaborative research.

          Specific Objectives

  • To train and make available practical professionals in the earth science who could be involved in natural resource exploration and development projects.
  • To train and make available practical professionals who are also equipped with field practices.
  • To train and make available practical professionals who could be entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct research on different areas of geo-science fields including:
  • To assist different development projects or organization involved in planning resource Exploration and development, construction companies and to planners and decision makers in the region.
  • Promote international research program in the rift margin geological processes in conjunction with international research institution for the advancement of the earth science.
  • Support decision makers and the community in activities related to geological sciences.


Department of Earth sciences to be established at Samara University has the following mission initiatives:

  • To build the intellectual and human resources capacity through teaching, community service and research in geosciences.
  • To conduct research in geosciences to improve and generate new knowledge, and rendering professional service to the community in matters pertaining to the fields of Earth Sciences.
  •  To transfer geological sciences and its applications to various user agencies, in advisory capacity building or by undertaking operational projects as service provider.
  • To undertake projects and organize Workshops and Seminars to promote the University excellence’s in the field of geosciences,
  • To contribute to the education and training of professionals and building the capacity of other organizations in the fields of natural resources, environment, geo-information.


              The Department Head is selected from staff of the department on the basis of merit and interest as soon as the college announces the vacancy for the post. The term of office of the Department Head is two years.

Currently, Mr. NORA YANIMIO is serving as Head of the Department. 

    Contact Address

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +251-910629519
  • P.O. Box: 132, Samara, Afar, Ethiopia.