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                            ICT Overview

                       Samara University Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate is the central support unit that provides all of the University’s ICT services and facilities. The Directorate is committed to supporting, improving and transforming the way ICT is used across Samara University.

                 At Samara University, we want to provide the best possible experience for our students and staffs, so we are persistently improving the way we work. The IT Transformation Journey will mean huge improvements for our IT systems, website, connectivity and services, enabling our staffs and students to work flexibly with all the information they need at their fingertips.


  • To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage appropriate information systems in order to provide integrated, coordinated and customer-focused quality ICT services to Samara University in line with its vision, mission and objectives.


  • Our vision is to exploit ICT to its full potential thereby assisting the University in elevating its position to a center of academic excellence.


The ICT Directorate office was established to meet the following objectives:

  • To plan, develop and manage University-wide ICT infrastructure.
  • To develop/acquire relevant applications.
  • To manage operations and maintenance of ICT resources.
  • To train end-users on computer literacy and offer end-user computing support.
  • To promote staff development program to ensure that ICT staff continue to acquire the necessary skills to provide high-quality services and support.
  • To advise and consult the University management on the acquisition of ICT resources and related issues.
  • Carry out researches in ICT .

                        Office Structure

Contacts Of ICT Director

  • Director’s name:-Abdu Salih Ebrahim
  • Academic rank:—Msc
  • Email:-abdusalih@su.edu.et
  • Phone no:-+251911701428

Staff profile

  1. Network and ICT Infrastructure Team Leader
  •    Name: Hagos Birhanu
  •     Academic rank: Bsc
  •     Email:———————–
  •     Phone no:0913428688

           2. Technology Teaching and Learning Team Leader

  •    Name: Alhamdu Worku Yimam
  •    Academic rank: Bsc
  •    Email: alhamduw@gmail.com
  •     Phone no: 0921551355

              3. Software and Application Development Team Leader

  • Name: Kedir Seid Maruf
  • Academic rank: Msc
  • Email: kedirseidm@gmail.com
  • Phone no: 0925226268

             4. Maintenance and Technical Support Team Leader

  • Name:——————–
  • Academic rank:———–
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:——————-

          5.  ICT Training Center team Leader

  • Name:- Yimam Hussen
  • Academic rank: Msc
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:-0910822879