Academic Staffs of History and Heritage Management                                   Department

Name: Berihun Kassa Hailu

Qualification: MA Degree 

Academic Rank: Ass. Professor

Specialization:  Development studies

Research Interest:  Culture and Development, Tourism Development, Pastoral livelihood, food security and Pastoral

Transformation, Environment and  Development, Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies,

List of publications: 1. Recalling history of Sultan Mohammed Hanfare Illalta: Was he a democratic Leader in Aussa in Afar, Ethiopia?

  1. Adoption and Impact of Agricultural Technologies on Farmer income: Evidence from Southern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
  2. Off-farm Participation, Decision and its impact on Crop yield in Northern Ethiopia
  3. Econometric Analysis of Access to Agricultural Extension Workers’ Service and its Implication on Crop Yield in Tigray Region, Ethiopia
  4. Determinants of farm households’ graduation from productive safety net program (PSNP) in Emba Alage District, Northern Ethiopia

Contact Address; 

  • Email:  
  • Phone No: +251-913-285-545
  • P.O. Box: 132, Semera, Ethiopia