Bachelor Programs

           Program Objectives

The program aims to provide undergraduate students with both subject-specific knowledge and general skills. It aims: 

  1. To produce all rounded professionals capable of:
  • Identifying and solving spatio-temporal problems of the business environment
  • Comprehending the risks, potentials, and prospects of the country’s environment in isolation as well as in global perspective
  • Generating, analyzing, and presenting spatio-temporal data of business using different scientific procedures, models, tools, and techniques
  • Demonstrating confidence and conviction that enable them to become positive role models to the business society, committed to change and development.
  1. Participating in community development through:
  • Providing various kinds of professional trainings to the community
  • Providing professional consultancy services with a view to accelerate business, social and economic developments
  1. Conduct research in different areas (marketing environment, e- marketing, social marketing etc.,) that would help in solving societies’ problems and disseminate results thereof.
  • Establish a system and culture of provision of continuous training, consultancy services and conducting research
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with departmental services by devising sound system for this purpose

              Graduate Profiles

The curriculum of the department designed with the view that graduates who complete their education from the department shall be able to: –

  • Provide an understanding of the context, nature, role and significance of marketing activities as undertaken by marketing managers in a range of organizations by analyze basic marketing and management issues
  • Apply basic economic and accounting principles in marketing related decision making
  • Identify key issues, write up, and present resultant marketing plan
  • Formulate marketing strategies, prepare budgets, and develop implementation plans
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data by using relevant quantitative models for marketing decision making
  • Identify and analyze the nature of customers’ behavior  and develop marketing program  that are relevant to the needs and wants of customers
  • Design appropriate marketing mix strategies for successful marketing of agricultural products
  • Know the nature of the global marketing environment and its influences on foreign marketing operations,
  • Identify and evaluate global marketing opportunities and feasible target markets for domestically produced products in global market places.
  • Analyze the channel system and design appropriate channels for the product distribution
  • Conduct marketing research to generate information that is useful for marketing problem solving.
  • Apply the marketing concepts, theories and tools in different social organizations
  • Apply marketing concepts and tools in online marketing  program,
  • Recruit, train and manage sales forces of an organization
  • Apply the marketing concepts, theories and tools in different service organizations
  • Analyze and manage sales activities
  • Develop and manage product and brand program, promotional plan, and Formulate, implement and evaluate marketing strategies
  • Identify tourism potentials of Ethiopia and apply marketing mix strategies to the tourism industry
  • Organize and manage events and manage effective business negotiations

The training program for regular classes lasts for four/4/ years and is divided into six semesters for a total of 247 ECTS 

           Admission Requirements

For any program (regular, summer and distance), it depends on the requirements set by the ministry of education for higher education enrolment. The following requirements are set as selection criteria to join the Department of Marketing management in the degree program.

  • Students who successfully completed the preparatory program and pass the entrance exam that could be prepared by Ministry of Education and meet the minimum requirement needed.
  • Students who have Diploma in business related disciplines from recognized college or university with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 at graduation.

          Graduation Requirements

Students will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all major, common and supportive courses provided. No ‘F’, NG (no grade) or ‘I’ (incomplete) grades will be accepted in any of the courses taken and the minimum cumulative GPA is 2.00 at graduation.  

               Degree Nomenclature

  • In English: B.A Degree in Marketing Management 
  • In Amharic: የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ በገበያ ስራ አመራር