Master’s Program

                  Objectives of the Program

The goal of the program is to produce high level qualified professionals in advanced development economics and brilliant  economists  that  will  support  the  broad  based  sustainable  economic  development  of  Ethiopia  through suggested recommended policies, designing appropriate policy and making smart decisions.

           Specific objectives;

In addition to its broad goal, the programs have the following specific objectives;

  • The program  offers  students  a  comprehensive  basis  for  professional  and  academic  careers  via  further investigation in any economics specializations.
  • Students will    be    equipped    with    a    solid    knowledge    of    economic    theory    as    applied    to development issues and other socio-economic issues concerning the developing countries in particular and the globe in general.
  • To produce  Economic  thinkers  with  basic  skills  that  would  help  to  teach  and  do  research  in  areas  of economics.
  • To better     acquaint     the     students     with     solid     understanding     of     microeconomic     theories, macroeconomic theories, and other economic issues for intelligent applications of economics in a way that improve the quality, relevance and output of postgraduates in economics in Ethiopia.
  • To equip the students with the necessary methodologies in economics that enable them explain the economic phenomenon, undertake economic analysis and design economic policy.
  • To enable the post graduates undertake theoretical and applied researches relevant to the overall development strategy and vision of the country and address national problems of socioeconomic roots; and disseminate research findings through outreach program.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration among the various programs in training, research and extension.

                    Graduate Profile

A graduate profile describes the competencies that a graduate (beginning professional) is expected to have as a result of their educational programs. It determines the program goals and the skills and knowledge needed for a beginning professional. The graduates of this program are expected to: grasp a thorough theoretical and applied knowledge as well as skills required from a high-class Master’s program in Development Economics, comprehend developmental matters  particularly  focusing  on  developing  countries  that  serves  as  an  input  to  policy  making  at  national  level, analyze economic development issues and provide pragmatic solutions to the existing problems in different sectors of the economy, identify economic problems and propose solutions by analyzing primary as well as secondary data understand any professional articles and publications on various issues of development economics, write economic reports, prepare scientific proposals and research papers in various areas of economics, analyze local, national and global  development  trends  based  on  the  lessons  acquired  from  their  graduate  studies  in  development  economics, develop  effective  decision  making  in  various  issues  of  development  at  different  capacity  levels,  demonstrate strong team spirit and working skills in various areas of economics, apply different econometric software packages to analyze different data sets and provide valuable suggestions, and effectively  plan and analyze the socio-economic performance of different development projects. As a result, after completion of their study, the graduates will be able to achieve the discussed below knowledge, skills and attitude.

                 Graduation Requirements

A student under the University must satisfy the requirements for the degree that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded:

  • Total credits required for the degree program must be completed
  • Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 3.00 and above with no more than two Cs in the courses taken.
  • Candidates undertaking  research  must  typically  complete  a  thesis,  or  dissertation,  consisting  of  original research representing a significant contribution to their field.
  • A student must complete all degree requirements and clear the financial cases.
  • Students must maintain registration through the end of the semester in which the degree is conferred
  • Thesis track students are required to submit their thesis after their final defense and corrections.

              Degree Nomenclature

Up on successful completion of the program the student will get the degree as;

  • In English version: “Master of Science (MSc) in Development Economics”
  • In Amharic version: “የሳይንስማስተርዲግሪ በደቨሎፕመንት ኢኮኖሚክስ”