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                   About the Department

                      Physics is the fundamental science concerned with the observation, understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the behavior of man-made systems. It deals with profound questions about the nature of the universe and with some of the most important practical, environmental and technological issues of our time. The scope of Physics is broad and encompasses mathematical and theoretical investigation, experimental observation, computing technique, technological application, material manipulation and information processing. Physics seeks simple explanations of physical phenomena based on universal principles stated in concise and powerful language of mathematics. The principles form a coherent unity, applicable to all objects found in nature.

                  Findings in Physics have implications in all walks of life ranging from the way we perceive reality to things of everyday uses. Physicists constantly test the basic laws of nature by probing the unknown, the mysterious and the complex. They also search for new laws at the frontiers of knowledge, systematically seek novel properties of matter.

                  In order to meet these goals, the department of Physics was established in 2008 (2000 E.C.) and is delivering in both the undergraduate (B.Sc.) and postgraduate (M.Sc.) programs. The current staff profile of the Department is: 3 Assistant Professors and 14 Lecturers who specialized in relatively diverse areas. In addition, it has about 2 Technical assistant and one secretary.


  • The department of is committed to produce Physics who have desired academic knowledge, sufficient professional skills, good citizenship, attitudes and skills, and those ethical and democratic values enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution.


  • To see qualified Physics B.Sc. and M.Sc. graduates who are capable to apply their skills and experience in contemporary physics applications to solve society problems and have a flexibility of mind that will help them continue their  personal  development throughout their subsequent career.

                  Department’s Head Contact

  • Dr.Hluf Negash is the current Head of the Department of the Physics.
  • Mobile: +251-913-833766
  • Email:;;
  • Office Location: Department of Physics, CNCS, Room No. 12, Samara University, Afar, Ethiopia.