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History and Background Internal audit and inspection Directorate


                Samara University is one of the Ethiopian federal universities built among a group of 2nd generation Universities. It is found in the Afar Regional State Samara town. The University is designed to be a center of learning and research, especially on the three centers of excellences dry land agriculture, geology/mining and tourism. To these end the University has wide range of academic programs and administrative offices to meet the growing demand of trained manpower of the region and the country. Among these offices, Samara University internal audit and inspection directorate office is the one.

                  Internal audit as a systematic, independent appraisal of all operations including administrative activities for the purpose of advising on management practices and controls Internal audit established under the Financial Regulations of the Council of Ministers (No 17/1997) and Article 68 of the Proclamation on Financial Administration (No. 57/1996) to establish the basis for internal audit and internal control of the Government of Ethiopia. It gives the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development the power to formulate and distribute directives that detail the Government Financial Policies and to develop and maintain appropriate standards of work and conduct of internal audit for application throughout all public bodies

                      Samara university internal audit and inspection directorate   established in 2000 E.C. The office structured under the President Office and named as “internal audit and inspection directorate office is responsible for the President Office and minister of finance. The Former directors of the office were Mr Nuru (Sep 18/2000 – Nov 30/2004), Mr. Osman (Dec. 01/2005 – June 03/2008), Mr. Ebrahim mohammed  (Dec. 01/2009 – June 306/2012), and Mr. Mehari mekonnen (sep. 11/2013 – Nov 30/2015).


  • Our vision is to be a valued partner with Samara University management by providing assurance and consulting services that help the University meet goals through building trust, partnerships, and exhibiting a high skill level and a thorough understanding of the University.


  • The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to provide an independent appraisal which examines and evaluates Samara university operations as a service to university management. Internal audit examines and evaluates university activities; furnishes management with objective, timely accurate analysis; develops recommendations; counsels; and provides information regarding Samara university activities. Internal audit performs audits in all areas of the university, and has full and complete access to all records, physical properties, and personnel relevant to the audit process.


The office’s overarching aims in support of the University’s vision are:

  • To conduct internal audits at specific time intervals to ascertain that public money and property are used for intended purposes.
  • To develop audit programs and audit procedures which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Samara university and minister of finance
  • To develop a monitoring system which will at regular intervals test and report to management on the public body’s compliance with applicable internal and external directives and procedures;
  • To advise management at regular intervals on its internal practices and controls and on whether they are efficient, effective and economical;
  • To submit audit reports to the head of the organization .and minsters of finance.


The office of internal audit directorate seeks to achieve its mission and aims by meeting the following broad, interrelated objectives:

  • To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of Samara University resources so as to add an asset and improve the risk management control, and governance processes.
  • Determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our organizations in accomplishing their mission and identify operational opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancements.
  • To evaluate organizational resources procedures for adequacy of internal controls and provide advice and guidance on control aspects of new policies, rules .systems, processes and procedures.
  • To evaluate the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of the electronic information and processing systems.
  • To Review the accuracy and propriety of financial and operating transactions.
  • To confirm compliance with University policies and procedures, and federal laws and regulations.
  • To investigate reported fraud, embezzlement, theft, waste, etc. and recommend controls to prevent and detect such occurrences.
  • To coordinate audit efforts with, and provide assistance to, the University’s external auditors.
  • To conduct follow-up audits to review and evaluate the adequacy of management actions in correcting noticed problems and ensure satisfactory solutions                    

                     CORE VALUES

To assist in the accomplishment of our mission and the realization of our vision, the Office of Internal Audit has established the following core values:

  • Personal Development – Continuously strive to obtain further training to advance our knowledge, skills, and awareness of emerging issues affecting all facets of the university.
  • Integrity – Perform work honestly, diligently, and ethically to establish trust and a basis for reliance on our assessments.
  • Objectivity – Perform duties with an unbiased mental attitude to ensure assessments are not unduly influenced by our own interests or judgments.
  • Confidentiality – Respect and safeguard the privacy of persons and confidential information and do not disclose information without appropriate authority unless there is a legal or professional obligation to do so.
  • Communication – Communicate with coworkers and customers in a constructive and positive manner. Reports will be accurate, timely, and contain relevant recommendations.

                  Office Structure


Contact Of Director

  • Director’s Name:-Mehari Mekonnen Birhanu
  • Academic Rank:-MBA
  • Email:-
  • Phone no:-0912131036

                   Staff Profile

                     1. Financial audit Team leader

  • Name:-kedir alli
  • Academic rank:-degree
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:0910522269

                        2.Performance  audit team leader

  • Name:- Aselife   Chaquille
  • Academic rank:- degree
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:- 0919981230

                         3. Financial  audit senior expert  

  • Name:- Foziya Mohammed kebede
  • Academic rank:- degree
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:- 0935260496

                    4. Financial  audit senior  expert

  • Name:- Abrehet Gebre Emalmali
  • Academic rank:- degree
  •  Email:———————–
  • Phone no:- 0930002120

                      5. Performance  audit expert

  • Name:- Fatuma Seide  besheir
  • Academic rank:- degree
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:- 0925025936

                     6. Secretary

  • Name:- Rabia Teguaded Adamu
  • Academic rank:-diploma
  • Email:———————–
  • Phone no:- 0931019163