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History and Background of ethics and Anti-corruption Directorate


                              Samara University is one of the Ethiopian federal universities built among a group of 2nd generation Universities. It is found in the Afar Regional State Samara town. The University is designed to be a center of learning and research, especially on the three centers of excellences dry land agriculture, geology/mining and tourism. To these end the University has wide range of academic programs and administrative offices to meet the growing demand of trained manpower of the region and the country. Samara University ethics and Anti-corruption directorate is the one among these offices.

                            Samara university ethics and Anti-corruption office established in June, 2002 E.C as “ethics and Anti-corruption office” under the President office.  Then In 2009 E.C the office restructured under the President Office named “ethics and Anti-corruption directorate”.  

                             Later on, According to the revised proclamation for the establishment of federal ethics and Anti-corruption Commission proclamation No.1236/2013 E.C the office reorganized under the federal ethics and Anti-corruption Commission as “ethics and Anti-corruption directorate” as a liaison office to be directly accountable to the Commission office and working relationship with the president. Currently, Samara university ethics and Anti-corruption directorate office is responsible for both the federal ethics and Anti-corruption Commission and the President Office.


  • Being at the forefront of other institutions by preventing corruption from becoming an obstacle to the growth and prosperity of our institution.


  • Prevent corruption by creating a strong and capable work unit that can carry out its responsibilities efficiently and creating an attitude and understanding by teaching ethical doctrines.
  • Carry out research-based anti-corruption activities, asset registration and disclose activities and work in coordination with other stakeholders to ensure effectiveness.


The office’s overarching aims in support of the University’s vision are:

  • Improving institutional capacity and ensuring efficiency.
  • Building ethical and moral values.
  • Prevention of corruption and corrupt practices.


The office of ethics and Anti-corruption directorate seeks to achieve its mission and aims by meeting the following objectives:

  • Providing professional advisory support to the president in the field of ethics and anti-corruption.
  • Developing and implementing the institutions of integrated anti-corruption strategy.
  • Creating transparency and accountability within the institution.
  • Raising morals of the staff members to prevent corruption and malpractice in the institution by creating a servant-like employee who does not carry corruption and malpractices.
  • Endeavor to cause acts of corruption and impropriety be exposed and investigated and appropriate actions are taken against the perpetrators.

                   Office Structure

Contact Of Director

  • Director’s name:- Hussen Kebede Hussen
  • Academic rank: B.A degree in Civics and Ethical Education
  • Email:
  • Phone no:  +251 911 97 93 09

                         Staff members profile

                    1. Ethical doctrines Trainer

  • Name:- Ali Hussen Ali
  • Academic rank:-Master’s Degree / MBA /
  • Email:
  • Phone no:   +251 974 41 31 41

                  2. Corruption prevention Expert

  • Name:- Endeshaw Desta Woldie
  • Academic rank:- Master’s Degree / MBA /
  • Email:
  • Phone no:  +251 913 93 45 13

                 3. Corruption data analysis Expert

  • Name:- Hassen Yimam Hussen
  • Academic rank:- First Degree
  • Email:
  • Phone no:  +251 910 02 77 84